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Pixhawk 2.1 The Cube Black Standard Set

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  • Get Started on your road to Autonomy! This Kit contains the following items
    1. The Cube…. the brains behind the opperation.
    2. A standard carrier board.(no compatible with Intel Edison Chip)
    3. 1 Power Brick (two power bricks can be fiter for redundant power.)
    4. Cable set that allows you to connect to your old Telemetry module, GPS, and sensors

    Detailed includes(Cables for accessories are JST to DF13 cables which are compatible with old pixhawk accessories, such as Telemetry, Power Brick or GPS):

    To take full advantage of the Pixhawk 2.1, Please add the new GPS with built in Safety switch.



ProfiCNC est le fabricant du contrôleur de vol Pixhawk.

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Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 23 cm
Choix du produit

Pixhawk 2.1, Pixhawk 2.1 + GPS Here, Pixhawk 2.1 EDISON + GPS Here

  • Black Cube * 1
  • Standard Carrier Board * 1
  • POWER Brick Mini * 1
  • SD Card(inserted in Cube) * 1
  • TELEM Cable * 2
  • POWER Cable * 1
  • I2C Cable * 1
  • BUZZER Cable * 1
  • MICRO USB Cable * 1
  • GPS1 Cable(with saftey switch) * 1
  • GPS2 Cable * 1
  • I2C Splitter * 1
  • Mounting Screws(M2.5*8) * 4
  • 3M Double Sided Foam Tapes

Key design points• All-in-one design with integrated FMU and IO and lots of I/O ports.• Improved manufacturability, designed for simpler mounting and case design.• Separate power supplies for FMU and IO (see power architecture section).• On-board battery backup for FMU and IO SRAM / RTC.• Integration with the standard power brick.Pixhawk FMU Main Board• STM32F427; flash 2MiB, RAM 256KiB.• On-board 16KiB SPI FRAM• MPU9250 or ICM 20xxx integrated accelerometer / gyro.• MS5611 Baro• All sensors connected via SPI.• Micro SD interfaces via SDIO.Vibration Damped IMU board• LSM303D integrated accelerometer / magnetometer.• L3GD20 gyro.• MPU9250 or ICM 20xxx Gyro / Accel• MS5611 Baro• All sensors connected via SPI.I/O ports• 14 PWM servo outputs (8 from IO, 6 from FMU).• R/C inputs for CPPM, Spektrum / DSM and S.Bus.• Analogue / PWM RSSI input.• S.Bus servo output.• 5 general purpose serial ports, 2 with full flow control• Two I2C ports• One SPI port (un-buffered, for short cables only not recommended for use).• Two CAN Bus interface.• 3 Analogue inputs• High-powered piezo buzzer driver. (On expansion board)• High-power RGB LED. (I2C driver compatible Connected externally only)• Safety switch / LED.