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Flying Eye introduces the DJI Matrice 300 trichogramma spreader



The FLYING EYE design office has developed a system for integrating the SKYINNOV trichogramma spreader on the DJI Matrice 300 RTK thanks to a PSDK electronic interface.

Indeed, the SKYINNOV trichogramma spreader system is now recognized by the DJI system on the Matrice 300 which allows the feedback and the triggering from the DJI radio control directly.

It is now possible to plan a whole flight plan using the DJI PILOT 2 application with the automatic release of trichogramma.

The device is equipped with a micro SD card, which allows you to record the exact position (from the drone) of each effective release to edit your campaign reports.

The T-DROP PSDK becomes the first and only Trichogramma spreader on the market that is 100% compatible with the Matrice 300 RTK UAV.

The spreading of trichogramma beads by drone allows the control of the corn borer. The T-DROP system of SKYINNOV has been designed and assembled in France. It is available with 2 different tank sizes 5 liters or 8 liters.

Its ingenious design facilitates the work of the remote pilot thanks to its important release capacity, its high efficiency and the feedbacks. Discover its main features :

  • 2 possible tank sizes 5 liters or 8 liters, compatible with the same system.
  • Double filling hatch to facilitate quick refilling of the tanks.
  • Rain resistance for easy flights in wet weather conditions (light rain for the M300)
  • Compatibility with the different models of trichogramma beads (starch or cellulose of 25 mm max).
  • Anti-blocking control of balls to avoid any blockage of the system.
  • Visual control (flashing leds) and electronic control (feedback) of bead release via infrared cell.
  • Integrated digital display with double counter: requested beads and beads actually released.
  • ON/OFF arming system to block/unblock the release during the flight.
  • Empty bin detection and alert.
  • Easy reporting with feedback recorded on logs.

The T-DROP system is available for sale with 2 sizes of trichogramma beads tanks, 5 liters or 8 liters. You can consult our correspondence table below to have an estimate of the capacities of each tank.


Operation of the T-DROP spreader

T-DROP concentrates the know-how of experienced remote pilots and experts in agricultural crop protection. It has been designed to facilitate the work of remote pilots at all stages, before, during and after the flight phases. The Flying Eye system is fixed to the M300 with only 4 screws and is directly recognized by the drone.


The Flying Eye system connects automatically when installed on the Matrice 300.

Attach the T-DROP to your drone using the attachment points provided

Program your flight

Fill up the tank with its 2 hatches



Integrated communication modules

Trichogramma spraying missions by drone require strong flying skills, but not only. The remote pilot must be able to precisely control the release of trichogramma beads for an effective treatment of the plots. For this, the T-DROP is equipped with communication, visual and electronic modules. A LED light allows to check the release of the beads (flashing) or to indicate when the tank is empty (continuous light). Secondly, the T-DROP is equipped with counters to check the difference between the requested beads and the beads actually released. Finally, the T-DROP provides information to the remote pilot in real time thanks to the on-board electronics (release points, flight path, number of balls released...) facilitating post-flight reporting.


Check the information on your screen

Control the release of Trichogramma beads

Generate application reports


Careful manufacturing and easy to repair

T-DROP benefits from Skyinnov's knowledge in the design of electronic systems and in the piloting of aircraft. Thus, the equipments have been assembled in France in quality materials rigorously selected to meet the constraints of repeated flights. The assembly has also been designed to facilitate repairability using spare parts that are readily available on request. Thus, the T-DROP system will meet the requirements of remote pilots looking for a reliable and efficient trichogramma spraying system.


Hand-assembled in France

Quality control before each delivery

Quality materials and careful finishing

Designed to be easily repairable

Bille trichogramme


Correspondence table

The T-DROP tank is available in 2 different capacities, 5 or 8 liters. The table below provides indicative data on the spreading capacities for each tank and the type of beads used.

T-DROP empty weight Weight with cellulose balls Weight with starch balls
5 Liters 630 gr 1100 gr (700 beads, 7 Ha) 1700 gr (500 beads, 5 Ha)
8 Liters 730 gr 1550 gr (1200 beads, 12 Ha) 2500 gr (800 beads, 8 Ha)


Technical specifications:

Weight: 5 liters: 630 g / 8 liters: 730 g
- Dimensions: 5 liters: 405x200x148mm / 8 liters: 485x210x185mm
- Control: via PWM or Relay (I/0)
- Materials: Nylon, Carbon, Resin 6060


The Flying Eye system automatically connects to the M300 and will be recognized directly by the DJI system.


Which Trichogramma beads are compatible with the T-DROP?
The system accepts starch and cellulose trichogramma beads up to 25 mm in diameter (e.g. AMW, bioline...).

What is the capacity of the T-DROP tank?
The T-DROP is equipped with 2 tanks, both interchangeable and compatible, one of 5 liters, the other of 8 liters.
See the table of correspondence to see the surface covered by type of balls.

What information is provided by the T-DROP to the remote pilot ?
The T-DROP is equipped with a digital screen with 2 different counters: number of balls requested and number of balls actually released. The correspondence between the 2 counters allows to control that the balls were effectively released or not (empty tank...). The T-DROP is also equipped with LED to facilitate the visual control at a distance. (the LED lights up at each bead release).

How to know when the tank is empty ?
When the beads do not pass any more in the spreader, the LEDs remain lit in fixed to inform you. (empty spreader, blockage...).

Does the T-DROP allow flights in the rain ?
The Matrice 300 and the T-DROP system are functional in the rain (IP43).

What to do in case of a broken part ?
The T-DROP system has been designed to be easily repairable. All parts are easily replaceable and available for service.

Where is the T-DROP PSDK manufactured?
The T-DROP is designed, programmed and assembled by hand in Skyinnov's workshop in France. Each model is tested before shipping. The integration interface for Matrice 300 is designed, programmed and assembled by Flying Eye in France.


Flying Eye also recommends the Matrix 300 riser to complete the trichogramme spreading system, as it will protect the entire system in case of landing on rough ground.