#1 DJI Enterprise dealer in France

Flying Eye is the major DJI Enterprise provider in France. We work with DJI since 2016, in close collaboration.

We can provide to our customers an extensive product knowledge thanks to a particular relation with DJI.

Autel Robotics #1 reseller in France

Flying Eye is the main supplier of the Autel Robotics brand in France. We work directly with the brand.
We are also the exclusive reseller of the Autel Robotics Dragonfish VTOL drone in France.

RTE logo

Flying Eye is the holder of the RTE drone contract

RTE, the French electricity transmission system operator, has selected Flying Eye to supply and maintain in operational conditions drone systems throughout France for the next 4 years.


French military aviation maintenance agency DMAé has ordered a first tranche of 850 commercially produced micro-UAVs and mini-UAVs from Flying Eye for an estimated €6 million, as part of a broader four-year contract.

The UAVs will be used primarily for pilot training, C-UAS training, and to help DMAé keep track of the latest developments in civilian drone technology.

Flying Eye is an official supplier of systems manufactured by Chinese firm DJI. It already supplies the French Army, French Navy and French police.

The first tranche exceeds the requirement for 500 units set out in the call for tenders, suggesting an urgent need for the French military to address C-UAS issues.

MILIPOL News 2021

Flying Eye, a French drone specialist for both civilian and security markets, is highlighting Autel Robotics’ Dragonfish on its stand.
The Dragonfish (that looks neither like a dragon, nor really a fish although it is waterproof!) has a unique tilt rotor design that enables this 1.29m long fixed-wing unmanned aircraft with a wingspan of 2.3m to take off and land vertically. Small propellers on the wing tips help stabilize the aircraft during takeoff and landing and propel it forwards during normal flight. The two significantly larger propellers on the fuselage are not activated in flight mode but provide most of the lift during takeoff.

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