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CZI TH4 V2 Drop System for DJI Matrice 300 RTK

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Drone payload release mechanism system for DJI Matrice 300, developed on the DJI SDK payload.

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TH4 Throwing hook, 320g dead weight, 40kg payload, can complete four missions in a single flight. DJI SkyPortV2.0 interface can be directly mounted on DJI M210V2 and M300RTK UAV for use in emergency rescue, material delivery and other work.

Small but strong

Its own weight is 320 grams A maximum of 10 kg per toss A total of 40 kilograms can be loaded

Convenient and quick

Quick installation with DJI SkyPort V2.0 Quick loading of supplies

The control is convenient

No third party controller Polit automatically identifies the load Prompt for real-time information window

Safe and reliable

Optimize the usage process and reduce the failure rate Various exception handling mechanisms prevent safety accidents


ChengZhi CZZN

Guangzhou Chengzhi Intelligent Machinery Technology Co., LTD., anciennement fondée en 2007 et transformée en 2016, se concentrer sur la fabrication de charges utiles destinées au marché de la sécurité.
Flying Eye est distributeur exclusif en France de la marque ChengZhi.
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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 23 cm
  • Develop on the DJI SDK payload, operate and control via DJI smart control & Pilot, Compatible with DJI M300 drone
  • Easy to install, quickly install and mount the payload, just plug into the gimbal port of the DJI M300 drone, just like you install a DJI zenmuse H20 camera.
  • 4 hooks ensure that one flight can carry 4 payloads to drop.
  • The maximum load capacity of the DJI M300 release mechanism system is 10Kg. Note, taking into account the payload capacity of the drone and the gimbal wear, we  suggest not to exceed 1.5Kg.
  • DJI Pilot real time automatically recognizes the payload, real time information on the smart controller screen alerts.
  • Optimize process utilization to reduce failure rate, a variety of exception handling mechanisms to prevent safety incidents.
Model name TH4
Interface DJI Skyport V2
Weight 320g
Power 10W
Maximum payload 10Kg
Control DJI Pilot
Operating temperature  -20°C~+50°C