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Sniffer4D V2 Multi-gas Detection

Sniffer4D multi-gas detection and mapping system compatible with DJI drones and ground vehicles.
Air quality analysis system.


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Multi-gas detection and mapping system
Designed for drones and ground vehicles.

Simplified workflow | Flexible sensor configuration

Compatible with various mobile platforms | Reliable and comprehensive data set

Real-time data transmission and analysis (4G) | Generates 2D/3D spatial distributions in real-time | One-click delivery of results

Sniffer4D detecteur multigaz

Captures spatial distributions of gases and particles

Generates 2D/3D concentration maps in real time

Significantly improves work efficiency and reduces risks and costs

Sniffer4D Mapper - Data visualisation and analysis software

Sniffer4D Mapper visualises and analyses Sniffer4D data in real time, providing intuitive information (e.g. 2D/3D pollution distribution, PDF mission reports) for decision makers.

Sniffer4D detecteur multigaz


Air and ground vehicle integration options

Sniffer4D V2 integration kits are available for commonly used drones (DJI Mavic 2 and 3, Matrice 200/210/300/600, Autel Evo II) and land vehicles (car, utility).

These help you easily integrate your Sniffer4D V2 with most air and ground platforms for accurate air quality measurements and analysis.

Optional gas sampling module

Start or stop gas sampling via the DJI Pilot or Sniffer4D Mapper application. Adaptable to gas sampling bags of different capacities.

Automatic shutdown when the bag is full. Easy integration with DJI M300RTK. Plug & play.

Sniffer4D detecteur multigaz echantillonnage

3 types of visualisation

Generate 2D grids, 2D contours and 3D point clouds of gases and particles in real time.

sniffer4d application

Air and ground vehicle integration options

Turn any ground vehicle into an air pollution detection and mapping platform.


Non-destructive instant installation

No drilling or wiring is required. Mounting or dismounting can be done by one person in 15 seconds. Compatible with almost all land vehicles, including vans, buses and taxis.


High level of integration

The Sniffer4D V2 ground vehicle integration kit seamlessly integrates Sniffer4D, pump, battery system, and external GNSS module into a single device that can operate independently. Simple operations minimise the cost of training while avoiding operating errors.


Individual operation

Only one team is required for system installation and data collection, reducing the overall cost of obtaining hyperlocal information. Ultra-high spatial resolution. The Sniffer4D records data at 1Hz. Theoretical spatial resolution is up to 5 ~ 22 m at normal driving speed (20 ~ 80 km/h).


Real-time data transmission

Sniffer4D V2 transmits data via a cellular network with unlimited range. You can view the data in real time from anywhere.



La société Soarability développe des systèmes de détection de gaz basés sur des véhicules terrestres et aériens pour capturer et visualiser les distributions de gaz multidimensionnelles, améliorer l'efficacité et réduire les risques dans la réponse HAZMAT, la surveillance environnementale hyperlocale, la surveillance des émissions des navires et d'autres domaines. Flying Eye est distributeur exclusif du Sniffer4D en France. 
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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 23 cm

Product Video

• Display the real-time operating status of Sniffer4D, including device name, GNSS satellite number, relative altitude, volume of data to be recovered.

• Control Sniffer4D V2's high-brightness warning LEDs, gas sampling module and other features.

• Recover data not received during a communication failure.

• Display real-time measurement values and their time series graphs.

• Generate a 2D grid thermal map of gas concentration/PM in real time.

• Generate a real-time 2D contour line gas concentration/PM heat map.

• Generate a 3D point cloud thermal map of gas concentration/PM in real time.

• View the drone's camera view in real time and record geotagged screenshots ("Video Streaming Service" must be selected).

• Estimate fuel sulphur content (FSC) using a proprietary inversion algorithm.

• Support for loading multiple historical data files into the software for post-analysis.

• Support for loading an orthophoto (GeoTiff, WGS84) and displaying it below the concentration heat maps.

• Support for loading geotagged photos and displaying their locations in the concentration heat map.

• Support for automatic generation of PDF mission reports.

• Support for exporting assignment files as a CSV data sheet.

• Track and display multiple Sniffer4Ds simultaneously.

• Display the detailed operating status of the detection modules mounted internally within the Sniffer4D. The user can calibrate the sensitivity (slope) and zero point (intercept) of each module.

• Output of decoded Sniffer4D data (json) using UDP.

• Unlimited software installations and automatic software updates.

Custom sensors available:

PM2.5        PM10        SO2        CO        NO2        O2        O3        VOCs

LEL / CH4        CO2        H2S       NH3        HCl        H2        Cl2        PH3

TSP / PM100    Odor (OU)    Sampling    Wind speed and direction

Ionising radiation (Radioactivity)

Detect up to 9 gases at a time

Sniffer4D is capable of detecting up to 9 gas and particle concentrations at a time. Users can flexibly choose or change their sensor configurations to suit their applications and budgets.
Live monitoring, on one or more PCs, of 2D and 3D measurements of one or more Sniffer4D, selected gas concentrations and air quality analysis