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PTS4 – Drone Drop Kit with FPV camera for Matrice 300 RTK

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PTS4 multi-stage drop kit is a multi-functional airdrop device developed based on DJI Payload SDK. It has 4 mounting bins, which can carry up to 2.7kg. It can automatically identify the mounting position and display the live status on the DJI Pilot APP. To control single-stage delivery, one-key full-cast, etc is available through DJI Pilot APP. Integrated with 1080P HD FPV camera, real-time image transmission enables accurate delivery.

Four mounting positions, in any order, automatically identify the mounting position, and the Pilot APP can display the mounting status of each position in real time.

– Integrated camera

Integrated 1080P high-definition FPV camera, real-time radio transmission facilitates aiming at the target, and achieves accurate delivery.

– Drop in any order

Through the DJI Pilot APP control garget, you can drop in the positions independently, and order is not limited. You can also cast all with one key, which is efficient and fast.

– Simple operation

Release manually without powering on.


Fire Fighting

In the early stage of a fire, drones are more flexible than fire trucks and personnel. PTS4 can be used to mount up to 4 fire extinguishing bombs at the same time, and reach the fire point in the shortest time. Through segmented delivery, the fire can be extinguished more accurately and effectively

Emergency rescue

At critical moments, the load weight of the drone is very important. The PTS4 has built in observation camera, and the drone does not need to be equipped with a gimbal camera, which greatly improves the effective load capacity of the drone;


Time is life. The M300RTK can quickly carry medicines or lifebuoys to the scene, and the multi-stage throwing function can carry several different materials at a time to reach different remote points;


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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 30 cm

Product Name

PTS4 Drone Visualized Drop Kit

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Maximal Load Capacity with Aircraft


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Built-in camera


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Installation mode

Detachable via DJI SKYPORT

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