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The Parrot ANAFI USA combines two visible sensors (including one tele zoom) and a thermal sensor in a light and compact design.

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The Anafi USA drone is a compact and discreet thermal model. It is designed for first responders and professionals and is equipped with a camera composed of three sensors: a non-radiometric Flir Boson of 320 by 256 pixels as well as two 1/2.4″ CMOS sensors, one wide angle and the other telephoto.


The Parrot Anafi USA drone is the drone for first responders in an emergency situation (fire, search for missing persons, etc.). Its three sensors (two digital and one thermal) and its silence (79 dB at 50 cm from the ground) allow the drone to apprehend a subject or situation from a distance without the risk of it fleeing.

The drone is sold with three batteries and has an autonomy of 32 minutes per battery.



Highlights :

  • Lightweight, compact and foldable drone
  • 180° camera
  • Triple sensor for thermal and digital images
  • FLIR Boson 320 x 256 px thermal camera
  • Two 1/2.4″ wide and telephoto sensors
  • 32x digital zoom


Three sensors :

  • A first 1/2.4 inch digital CMOS sensor with a telephoto lens allowing a 32x continuous zoom perfect for remote observation of a subject or a scene.
  • A second 1/2.4-inch wide-angle CMOS digital sensor, this time allowing you to observe the entire area with an 84° FOV.
  • A thermal sensor FLIR Boson of 320 by 256 pixels capable of distinguishing temperatures between -10 and +150°C. It is a non-radiometric sensor with a FOV of 50°.


The three sensors allow to superimpose digital and thermal images up to 4K (and Full HD for the thermal). The sensors are mounted on a gondola which has an exceptional 3-axis stabilization (2 mechanical axes + 3 digital axes). This one tilts from nadir to zenith (from -140 to +110°). You can view the images directly on your device via the dedicated application.



Easy to use :

  • Fast and easy for emergency missions
  • Drone ready to take off in 55 seconds
  • Can take off from the palm of your hand
  • No GPS synchronization required for takeoff


Resistant drone :

  • Protection against dust, water and rain
  • The nacelle on which the triple sensor rests can withstand winds of up to 15 m/s


Data security :

  • During your missions, Parrot uses AES- XTS 512 bit encryption. Flight data is stored on European servers, in a secure environment.
  • Parrot ensures compliance with the RGPD, no data will be shared without your consent.
  • Secure WPA2 WiFi connection for video transmission. Parrot relies on recognized standards used by all: RTP/RTSP, H.264 encoding, GUTMA etc.
  • The data on the SD card is encrypted, reducing the possibility of data theft if the drone is lost.



New features :

  • New version of the Freeflight 6.0 application
  • Assisted automatic flight functions : POI, Waypoints, flight plan, etc..
  • Automatic flight with target tracking
  • RTH (Retur To Home) editable during flight


Drone compatible with several applications : 

  • Pix4Dreact : 2D mapping
  • Survae: data and intelligent image platform
  • DroneLogbook: fleet management
  • Kittyhawk: operational security
  • Dronesense: all-in-one platform for public safety
  • Planck AeroSystems: landing on moving vehicles



La société française Parrot développe et commercialise des drones compact et performant.
parrot drone

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 23 cm

Anafi USA, Anafi USA SE, Anafi USA GOV