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Infrared Projector CZI IR10

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The Zoom IR10 is equipped with the latest fiber laser. Its power is 12W, its optical zoom is 70x, and the maximum infrared light distance is 1000 meters.

With the DJI H20 / H20T and other pan / tilt large zoom cameras with IR mode, it can light with good image quality and outstanding transmission of haze or misty rain effect.

In addition, infrared light is imperceptible to human eyes, which can thus achieve concealment beyond the visual range. Using the DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, it can be mounted directly to the DJI M200 V2, M300 RTK series.

This Zoom IR is suitable for users in reconnaissance, search and rescue, inspection, etc. who need to have excellent vision even in the dark.


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Guangzhou Chengzhi Intelligent Machinery Technology Co., LTD., anciennement fondée en 2007 et transformée en 2016, se concentrer sur la fabrication de charges utiles destinées au marché de la sécurité.
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