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CZI GL60 PLUS Spotlight DJI Skyport

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Powerful light spot for DJI Matrice 300 RTK for night operations.

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The gl60 plus cloud table lamp adopts four groups of optical imaging components, each group is composed of four lenses, emits a sharp light column with an angle of only 15 degrees, has the same color, uniform brightness, and stably outputs the best illuminance of 24lux, with an effective irradiation distance of 150m and an effective lighting area of 1225 square meters, which improves the aerial irradiation effect of UAV at night to a new height. The overall design is ultra lightweight, weighs only 750g, and the rated power is up to 120W. Through the djiskyportv2.0 interface, it is compatible with Dajiang Jingwei m200v2, m300rtk and other series of UAVs, which can meet the requirements of night patrol, warning drive, azimuth indication, power line patrol, search and rescue and other night operations.

LED linear dimming

High power LED light source, Maximum power 120W, 100 meters of ground illumination 24lux, Linear shading, The license plate was not exposed.

Non reflective bowl design

No secondary light spot, Reduce the loss of effective brightness, With strong light explosion and flash mode, It can silently drive away and indicate the direction.

Imaging optical technology

Imaging optics, 4 sets of optical lens sets, 1 set of 4 lenses, 15 degree luminous angle.

Ultra lightweight design

Fully sealed fuselage, IP55 waterproof and dustproof, New die casting heat dissipation process, 0.7 kg ultra light weight, Flexible use and longer endurance.

The GL60 Plus Cradle Projector fits on the :

  • M300RTK
  • M200V2


ChengZhi CZZN

Guangzhou Chengzhi Intelligent Machinery Technology Co., LTD., anciennement fondée en 2007 et transformée en 2016, se concentrer sur la fabrication de charges utiles destinées au marché de la sécurité.
Flying Eye est distributeur exclusif en France de la marque ChengZhi.
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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 23 cm

GL60 Plus

Electrical interface

DJI SkyPort V2.0









Total power

128W(PSDK 17V+OSDK 24V)
68W(PSDK 17V)

LED Power

120W(PSDK 17V+OSDK 24V)
60W(PSDK 17V)

Luminous flux

13400lm±3%(PSDK 17V+OSDK 24V)
8000lm±3%(PSDK 17V)

Light effect

111.67lm/W(PSDK 17V+OSDK 24V)
133.33lm/W(PSDK 17V)

Spotlight diameter


Sensor area


Central lighting

85Lux(Voltage:PSDK 17V+OSDK 24V;distance:50m)
24Lux(Voltage:PSDK 17V+OSDK 24V;distance:100m)
11Lux(Voltage:PSDK 17V+OSDK 24V;distance:150m)
45Lux(Voltage:PSDK 17V;distance:50m)
12Lux(Voltage:PSDK 17V;distance:100m)
6Lux(Voltage:PSDK 17V;distance:150m)

Mode of operation

Normally on: 120W (psdk 17V + osdk 24V); 60W(PSDK 17V)
Blast and flash: 120W (psdk 17V + osdk 24V); 60W(PSDK 17V)
Panning tilt angle adjustment < br / > Automatic tracking < br / > Brightness adjustment.

Rotation range of the panoramic tilt

Tilt: - 110 ° ~ + 30 ° < br / > Horizontal: ± 200 °.

Scope of the PTZ design

Tilt: - 110.3 ° ~ + 40 ° < br / > Horizontal: 360 ° omnidirectional < br / > Bearing: - 90 °~ 60 °

Operating temperature