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Parachute system for DJI Matrice 200 210

1798,93  TTC

Parachutes system for DJI Matrice 200, 210 and RTK, without affecting the integrity of your drone.
This security system is made up of two circuit breaker modules and two parachutes for a full redundancy.


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This reliable security system for homologation S2 and S3 of the Matrice 200, 210 and 210 RTK (V1 & V2) includes a double parachute, very fast, two circuit breaker modules and a secure radio trigger. You can remove the entire system in less than a minute.
The center of gravity of the drone Matrice 200 is preserved.
For a totally fool-proof system, a parachute redundancy is integrated.
When the parachute is triggered, the Matrice 200 lands on its 4 feet to avoid the breaking of an arm or a landing gear.
The drone works properly from a height of 12 meters thanks to the pyrotechnic technology borrowed from ULMs.
Reminder : the circuit breaking controlling the automatic shutdown of the motors is essential for the proper functioning of a parachute. It’s mandatory for the homologation S2 and S3 (its weight will exceed 4kg in flight order).
It’s the only homologation system for DJI Matrice 200 and 210 which maintains the DJI’s manufacturer warranty.
The two circuit breaker modules incorporate a powerful two-tone audible alarm, complies with regulation.
High-tech materials : for a longer lifetime
Range of the radio trigger system : more than 2 km.
You don’t have to return to workshop for the installation! It’s extremely simple to install : just insert the two circuit breaker modules into the two battery compartments of the drone.


Main points :

  • Power supply electronics redundancy
  • On the remote control, a double trigger button
  • Encrypted frames (256 bits) – checksum to authenticate the frame. Two-way association.
  • Log logs on micro-sd card in the remote control (text file readable by the user and non-alterable containing: date / hour / min / sec, quality of reception, trigger requested by the user, trigger received by the receiver, acknowledgment for receiving the remote control, drone battery voltage, voltage and currents flowing through the 2 circuit breaker chips, and remote control battery voltage)
  • Remote control has an autonomy of 40 hours (1800mAh lipo battery) rechargeable by micro-USB
  • Auto power Off (after 30 min without connection)
  • Battery voltage display on the remote control (4LEDs)
  • Emergency power supply to trigger the parachutes up to 1 minute after a loss of power from the drone firmware update via micro-USB
  • Turning on and off the secure remote control (like a DJI battery)
  • Possibility to pair up to 4 remote controls per drone
  • Doesn’t withdraw the DJI warranty


Flying Eye

Flying Eye est une marque créé un 2009 reconnu comme expert des systèmes drones civils professionnels. FLYING EYE développe et commercialise depuis 2012 des systèmes de sécurité parachutes avec coupe-circuit pour drone, avec un très haut niveau de fiabilité, qui sont utilisés dans de nombreux pays grace à l'obtention des certifications de vol.
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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 cm

Product Video

  • Parachute and circuit breaker system
  • Assembly in our workshop
  • Trigger remote control
  • Complete certification file for your drone (design certificate, certificate of conformity, user and maintenance manual)