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DJI Agras T10

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Homologation S2 DGAC pour DJI Agras T10

Agras T10 T30 RC RTK USB Dongle

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The Ideal Drone for New Farmers

The DJI Agras T10 brings a highly compact-yet-powerful aerial solution to agriculture sites of all sizes and needs. An 8 liter tank and spray width of up to 5 meters allow the aircraft to cover up to 15 acres/hour. [1] Its folding truss structure is sturdy and reliable, enabling efficient folding and unfolding, convenient transportation, and easy transitions.



La marque DJI AGRAS est la branche agriculture du leader chinois DJI. La gamme est composée de drones high-tech conçu pour la pulvérisation de produit de traitement liquide ou pour l'épandage de granulés.
dji agras mg

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 60 × 70 × 60 cm