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DroneVolt Hercules 20

With a large payload capacity and 40 minutes of flight time, the Drone Volt Hercules 20 is an extremely durable drone built to last.



With a large payload capacity and 40 minutes of flight time, the Hercules 20 from Drone Volt is an extremely durable drone built to last.


  • Powerful: the Hercules 20 can lift up to 15kg and can carry a wide variety of payloads.
  • Light and compact: with its 4 detachable arms and legs, the Hercules 20 is ultra compact and easy to transport.
  • Flight stability: its architecture allows for great stability and resistance during flight, whatever the payload.
  • Resistant: its carbon fiber chassis and anodized aluminum attachments make the Hercules 20 extremely shock resistant.



  • Energy: installation and change of high voltage lines.
  • Agriculture: to transport tanks and sprayers.
  • Building: can transport tanks to clean surfaces, roofs and inaccessible areas.
  • Inspection: the Hercules 20 can carry all types of cameras and heavy sensors.
  • Cartography/Topography: can carry all types of lidars and laser scanners for data acquisition (cadastres, public works, mines and quarries...).


Its carbon fiber chassis and anodized aluminum attachments make the Hercules 20 extremely resistant to shocks in various types of flight conditions. It can lift up to 15kg of payload.
The action of a 250 kg weight on the Hercules 20 causes only a 2mm deformation.


Thanks to its two additional batteries, the drone is very versatile and can carry heavy loads while offering a significant autonomy. The Hercules 20 can fly up to 40 minutes in all types of operational flight conditions.


Its innovative design and robustness allow it to be operational in any field of application: Agriculture, BTP/Construction, Security/Surveillance, Inspection or even Cartography and Topography. It is customizable thanks to its accessories (spray, camera, etc..) but also thanks to its capacity to carry heavy payloads and sensors. The Hercules 20 is the ideal tool to carry out any type of mission.


The compact design of the Hercules 20 makes it extremely easy to store and transport. With its 4 arms and landing gear removed, the Hercules 20 measures less than 60% of its operational size. Compact but powerful: one of the only ultra-compact drones with such a large carrying capacity.

Dual Operator

Two pilots respectively at point A and B can take over the control of the aircraft during a mission. This allows to gain in distance (10km between point A and B) and in accuracy.


- 5.8 GHz frequency with range up to 5km
- AES 256 encrypted signal


Drone Volt

DRONE VOLT, Leader français du drone civil. DRONE VOLT est un acteur international reconnu dans le domaine des drones civils professionnels et l’intelligence artificielle embarquée. Avec ses différentes entités, DRONE VOLT, AERIALTRONICS et DANDRONE, le Groupe développe des solutions toujours plus innovantes au service des industries de l’énergie, de la construction, du génie civil et de la sécurité pour des applications aussi variées que l’inspection, la surveillance, le traitement de surface, la thermographie, les missions de recherche et sauvetage.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 23 cm

Product Video


Max. take-off weight 33 kg
Autonomy Up to 40 minutes of flight time*.
*depending on the weight of the payload
Payload All types of payloads up to 15kg
Radio control range
Video transmission range
Telemetry range
2 km
Max. speed 25 m/s (90km/h)
Motorization Maximum thrust per motor of 10kg
Weather conditions Moderate rain -20°C/+45°C
Propellers Big size: 26".
Frame 100% carbon and anodized aluminum
  • 1 x HERCULES 20 drone
  • 1 x RC incl. tablet
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Propeller kit (4 pairs)
  • 4 x Batteries 6S 16 000 mAh
  • 1 x Case with wheels
  • 1 x Transmission camera + video downlink up to 2km
  • 1 x FPV Camera incl.